land surveyor contractors in chennai

Building Surveys

Building surveys are a methods for giving a point by point assessment of a property's condition and include a broad review. While not being the lone sort of survey accessible to land owners, a building survey is the most well-known, especially for domestic customers.

Pipeline Surveys

Pipeline Survey is the initial phase in planning and installing a protected water, oil or gas pipeline. Blessing Survey gives a significant and financially savvy arrangement for pipe laying and prepares the essential land allegation arranging by Cadastral Survey.

Transmission Line

We give Electrical and Engineering Land survey services to set up Transmission Line Survey Solutions in consistence with CMM and ISO standard. Our specialists do this utilizing creative innovation to furnish our customers with competitive edge in the market.

land surveyor contractors in chennai

Highway Surveys

A highway survey can be utilized to give a precise design of the road, utilities, waste, overhead wires, close by structures, and different highlights. Our Highways assessors likewise produce As-Built Surveys for Highway and Sewer Adoption to the standard detailed in the most recent correction of Sewers for Adoption.

land surveyor contractors in chennai

Bridge Surveys

Bridge surveying is necessary to find a site, get data for plan, and outfit lines and grades for construction. The exactness of estimations and the number and type of survey markers change with the level of accuracy requested and the type of construction.

land surveyor contractors in chennai

Solar & Powerplant Surveys

Drones are these days advancing as the most accessible tool in the solar energy sector. Our Drone base innovation can do speedier, more secure, exact and cost effective inspection of a plant easily, that helps run the plants at its peak productivity uninterruptedly.

land surveyor contractors in chennai

Railway Surveys

Railway surveying has consistently been of crucial significance in the support and development of our railways however ongoing dramatic expansions in traffic and the resulting pressure to extend limit has altogether raised the profile of the railway recovery. Like never before survey companies dealing with the railways need a strong foundation of involvement, proficiency and skill.

land surveyor contractors in chennai

Topographical Surveys

A topographic or topographical land survey shows the height, depth, size and area of any manmade or normal highlights on a given package of land, just as the progressions or forms in height all through the bundle. While boundary surveys focus on center around flat estimations, topographic overviews are about rise.


The following are the instruments that we use:


Sl.No. Name of Instrument Quantity Make
1 Total Station 7 Sokkia & Topcon
2 Auto Level 4 Sokkia & Topcon
3 DGPS Survey 1 Trimple
4 GPS 2 Garmin